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The environmental choice

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

With the environmental revolution well and truely on the way, we have now made the switch to using the #duluxenviro2 range as it is the only major paint brand with a Global GreenTag™ certification – making it the environmental choice for all painting projects.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are known to impact on indoor air quality in your home. Dulux envirO2 is a very low VOC paint with equally low emissions – making it less harmful to the users health and environment. The entire envirO₂ range has <1g/L VOC*. This also ensures that the harmful wast chemicals from washing our equipment is reduced dramaticaly.

Here at #apexpainting we are committed to reducing our waste by ensuring that we use minimal water to wash our equipment as we only use acrylic based paints, unless our customers specifically ask for oil based paint to be used.

this waste water is then taken to treatment plants and discarded appropriately. This is also true for our solid waste which is also collected at the end of each job by our friendly staff and discarded in accordance to Australian standards.

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